Phytocolor Hair Color

Vendor: Phyto

LE 70.00 LE 234.00

Colour: 8Cd Strawberry Blond
1 Black
2 Brown
4D Light Golden Chestnut
6C Dark Coppery Blond
8Cd Strawberry Blond
4 Chestnut
4M Light Chestnut Brown
4Mc Chocolate Brown
6 Dark Blond
7 Blond
8 Light Blond
9 Very Light Blond
9D Very Light Golden Blond
5 Light Chestnut
6AC Dark Coppery Mahogany Blond
7D Golden Blond
- +


  • Description

    PHYTO COLOR is a combination of cutting-edge technology and botanical research for a radiant, ultra-shiny color: Covers 100% of gray hair right from the 1st application Guarantees long-lasting color as it is formulated like a treatment, PHYTO COLOR respects the hair and scalp and minimizes the risk of allergies. This easy-to-apply, smooth cream does not run and allows for precise, even distribution from the roots of the hair to the ends.

  • How to Use

    SIMPLE APPLICATION: to dry, unwashed hair
    - case n°1: to hair that has never been color-treated in the past: apply the mixture at the roots, and comb the remainder of the product through your hair. Leave on for 30 minutes.
    - case n°2: to already colored hair, when natural color shows at the roots: apply the mixture at the roots only and leave on for 20 minutes. Then, comb the remainder of the product through your hair and leave on for 10 minutes.
    After application time, pour a small amount of lukewarm water on hair and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.

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  • Ingredients

    The botanical pigments contained in PHYTO COLOR have been used since Ancient times for their coloring properties: India wood, Brazilwood, madder, small horse and coreopsis. Their high concentrations provide a radiant, natural color and stunning glints. Enriched with botanical extracts, its nourishing formula acts deep within the hair fiber, offering protection and leaving hair soft, supple and ultra-shiny.

  • About the Brand

    Patrick Alès, a celebrity hairdresser, is the creator and founder of Phyto, a brand born in France. The journey started in the 1950s when he noticed that chemically-laden products were taking a serious toll on the hands of the hairdressersand the hair of their clientele. The first seeds of his idea for a much gentler, less harmful range of hair products were quietly sown. When Phyto was born, It was an instant smash on a worldwide scale.