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Bamwood paddle cushion brush

LE 445.00

The ideal brush to gently untangle your hair, adding smoothness and shine to it, while being gentle on your scalp

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· Works great both on wet and dry hair
· Mixed anti-tangle + nylon bristles: easily detangle hair, avoiding pulling the hair while massaging the scalp

· For all hair types. Especially suitable for straight hair

We take care of hair and preserve the environment

-Sustainable bamboo: guaranteed origin from FSC-certified forests.

-Diversity: designs adapted to multiple hair needs. Different combinations of bristles for optimal results.

-Healthy scalp: brushes that gently massage, stimulating circulation.

-Pleasant experience: brushing without tugging that respects the structure of all types of hair. Extra soft and comfortable touch of bamboo wood.


Bamwood paddle cushion brush

LE 445.00