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Lord and Berry

Cream Foundation

LE 475.00

CREAM FOUNDATION is an emulsion long lasting with high coverage. It has a silky finish and it is formulated to allow an high blendability product. CREAM FOUNDATION is suitable for all skin types and contains antioxidants, moisturizers UVA-UVB filters and anti-pollution extracts. This long lasting formula is available in a wide range of colours and contains emollients to help moisturize and condition the skin. Available in 50 ml bottle. 

• Easy to apply, smooth uniform coverage 
• Water-resistant 
• Complete coverage 
• High-tech coated pigments 
• With active moisturizers and skin protection 
• Flawless 
• With Hyaluronic acid 

• A shine controlling 
• Hides imperfections and evens out skin tone 
• The result is flawless and lasts for hours 
• Antioxidant Vitamin E 
• With Argan oil and Phytosqualano nutrient oil 

How to Use

Apply a maximum of one or two layers to the whole face with a sponge.
Apply a single, lighter layer around the eyes (too much will accentuate fine lines).
For even application, avoid applying the foundation over rich, oil based face creams.


Cream Foundation

LE 475.00