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BLESS Jojoba Oil 50ML

LE 125.00

is unique among the plant-based oils
in that, it’s quite similar to the composition of
human sebum. This means it can help the skin
retain moisture and heal itself and because it’s
so similar, it can control and balance oil
secretion by tricking your skin into thinking it
doesn’t need to produce more oil, without
clogging your pores or leading to more
breakouts. The hydration works just as well for
dry Hair strands.
Jojoba oil is packed with vitamins E and B, along
with minerals like copper and zinc, making it a
a nourishing treat for skin and hair alike. It also
can help act as a shield to protect skin against
free radical damage caused by environmental
factors like pollution or smoke or U.V rays.



One of the best oils for all types of scalp problems.

A strong cleanser for all residues and oily build-ups and

flakes on the scalp and may help control dandruff.

Reduces blockage of hair follicles by sebum and dirt.

Helps Support healthy hair.


Excellent moisturizer especially for oily skin.

Balances oily skin.

Help reduce Acne.

Help reduce signs of aging and help reduce the appearance

of fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps protect against sun damage.

Calms dry skin inflammation

Clears any sediments or impurities on the skin.

A deep cleanser for the skin.

Make-up remover especially for the eyes area.

Moisturizeschapped lips.

Softens cracked feet.


It softens nail cuticles so promoting healthy nail growth.


BLESS Jojoba Oil 50ML

LE 125.00