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Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo 250ml

LE 261.00

Indication: Women hair-thinning treatment.
Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo 250ml precious and complementary ally of the Phytocyane densifying anti-hair loss serum, is a shampoo that restores vitality to the entire hair thanks to a synergy of energizing plant active ingredients.
Ginkgo biloba, combined with vitamin B6, activates the cellular metabolism and hair resistance, strengthening the hair. Grape procyanidols, free radical captors, provide a protective effect of the hair bulb and prevent its aging. Cinchona with stimulating properties combined with a gentle cleansing base derived from coconut oil provide this shampoo softness and efficiency.
Stimulating from the hair root, this shampoo gives back density and shine to the hair.

How to Use

Apply the shampoo on wet hair. Massage gently and leave for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For optimum results, use a redensifying treatment after shampo


ingko Biloba extract:
- boosts cellular exchanges while strengthening the hair
Cinchona bark extraction:
- "home-made" plant extraction that has stimulating properties
Due to the high content of natural ingredients, the colour of the formula may vary without altering its properties.

About the Brand

Patrick Alès, a celebrity hairdresser, is the creator and founder of Phyto, a brand born in France. The journey started in the 1950s when he noticed that chemically-laden products were taking a serious toll on the hands of the hairdressersand the hair of their clientele. The first seeds of his idea for a much gentler, less harmful range of hair products were quietly sown. When Phyto was born, It was an instant smash on a worldwide scale.

Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo 250ml

LE 261.00