Vogue Lipstick

Vendor: Lord and Berry

Vogue Lipstick

LE 350.00

Colour: 7601 Red
7601 Red
7602 Fushia
7603 China Red
7604 Black red
7605 mandarin
7606 Cupido
7607 Red Carpet
7608 60s Pink
7610 REBEL
7612 Euphoria
7613 Red Queen
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  • Description

    Extraordinary matte formulation, velvet feeling and extreme comfort in application with a modern and glamour finish effect. Lips will appear quickly full and defined. Comfortable treatment lipstick with emollient. Fashion colours.

    • Matt with maximum comfort
    • Restructuring oils emollient waxes (bees wax)
    • Anti-oxidants
    • Paaraben free
    • Fragrance free
    • Active principle “signaline” antiage & regeneration skin

    • Treatment yet matt for a glamour look
    • Signaline is a patented active ingredients extract from olive oil and jojoba waxes which activates signalling enzymes, increases cellular energy and promotes eidermal and dermal regeneration. Signaline counteracts stress effects and age related changes.

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