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Eid Beauty Packing: Think Beachy Thoughts

Only a few more days and we say goodbye to the Holy Month of Ramadan. Many of us will be going on vacations during Eid. Now is the perfect time to pack your Eid bag. Last-minute packing is never a good idea, we promise. We wanted to share with you all the makeup and beauty products that you might need to take along.



A Tangle Teezer Brush: The English miracle


One of our favorite things to take on vacation is the English brush Tangle Teezer. This brush is the perfect size to carry in your everyday bag. It is meant to define, style, and untangle your hair, anytime and anywhere. And there is a design for every member of the family. Check out the Tangle Teezer Section on for all the colors and designs.


Perfume: heavenly smell


It’s important that we smell good all the time. Don’t forget to pack one of your favorite perfumes with you. You can also try one of our Bodylicious perfumes. Candy Heaven, Coconut Breeze, and the Pink Vanilla scents are vacation-perfect. Check all the collection here.


Hair Products: Tame your hair


Another thing to pack in your Eid bag is Haircare products. A girl needs to tame her hair, right? You can find your favorite hair products like shampoos and conditioners on for incomparable prices. Check the Haircare department.


Nail Polish: Pop of color


One of the best ways to add a summery pop of color to your look is nail polish. Choose a signature color for your vacation or change it every day. It’s up to you. In the Nail Care department on Cosmare, you will find one of the biggest color collection under one roof. White is also very fashionable nowadays. You need to give it a try. You will also find some cute nail stickers by the brand Essence to give your nails an extra kick of awesome.


: Summer glow


Summer loves colors, bright colors. Pick up a new lipstick color or two to kick off your summer vacation. We totally recommend Pinks and reds. They are timeless. A cute shade of blush will go perfectly with your summer tan. When it comes to foundation, if you have to wear any, go for something light. To compliment your bright lipstick, go for a neutral eyeshadow color. Keep it breezy. You don’t want it to look much, especially on the beach. You will be spending your entire day on the beach. Don’t forget to opt for waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner. You will find all the products you want on



Think beach-y thoughts


Who wants to waste time squeezing their brains, thinking about a long list of items? Packing can be a truly daunting task, we are sure. That is why we compiled this list, to make your life simpler. Now that you have your comprehensive beauty packing list ready, it’s time to relax and think about nothing but some happy beach-y thoughts.