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Makeup Secrets That Every Makeup Maniac Should Know!

If you think your makeup skills are pretty standard, if you’re bored with your makeup techniques, or if you just fail miserably at applying some products, this is for you. Today, we share with you 5 of the best-kept makeup secrets that only professional makeup artists apply. It’s time to learn some of the coolest tips and tricks. Let us begin.


Secret #1: Invest in your products and tools


This first secret is not really a secret. You spend hours watching makeup tutorials and following beauty Instagram account, but for some reason, you can’t get the flawless model look you desire. Why do you think is that? The number one mistake that girls do is not invest in their products and tools. Many prefer to go to the cheaper products on the spectrum, to save some pounds. Let us tell you that if you want to apply makeup like a pro, you need to invest in your tools and products. Don’t get us started on fake products; they are good for your wallet and horrible for your skin.  Don’t shop from mediocre brands, if you want that perfect finish. This tip alone can help take your makeup look to the next level, without even working on your techniques.


Secret #2: Pick the right eyeshadow color


What is your technique for picking an eyeshadow color? Let us tell you a tip that is going to change the way you do things and get your eyes to stand out. But first, let’s tell you a piece of information that you probably already know; placing opposite colors side by side makes them pop. That is exactly what you should think about with eyeshadow. The goal is to pick the most flattering eyeshadow color. For example, brown eyes look great with colors like blue and purple and green eyes are perfect with shades of red. Here you go, that’s your rule.


 Secret #3: How to eyeliner


If you want your eyeliner to look like it’s done by a pro, don’t try to draw it like a pro. Don’t draw your line in one motion, instead draw the line from the inner corner up until the center, add some more product to your brush, and start again from the outside corner until the two lines meet. Much simpler, right?


Secret #4: Blush before foundation!


We bet you haven’t heard this one before. Yes, Blush before foundation. If you want your blush to look extra good and super real, this is the way to go.


Secret #5: Time for a DIY


Let’s get crafty, shall we? To give your skin the ultimate radiance, you are going to need a foundation and a golden or a white eyeshadow. Do you have your ingredients out yet? Now mix the two together, apply on your skin, and watch an incomparable result.


Ready to learn more?


To keep things short and interesting, we only shared five tips today. You need to stay tuned to learn more tips and tricks in the future.