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Perfect your winter look with

Winter is here. Well, it’s almost here. Many girls fall into the trap of using the same types of makeup, the same shades, and the same routine throughout the year. At, we wanted to take this chance to give you some simple and quick to perfect your winter makeup look.



Moisturize that face


if we were to give you one tip, it would be to always moisturize during winter.  Just because you will be wearing makeup, doesn’t mean you can skip this step. Start your winter makeup routine with a generous layer of moisturizer and let it soak in for a couple of minutes. Now go back with a tissue to remove the excess product. You are now ready to apply your foundation. Don’t forget that your entire skincare routine is extremely important; don’t ignore it at any given time of the year. 


Cream over powder, always


Unlike powder foundations, creamy ones give the skin a beautiful hydrated feel and finish. That is exactly what you need during the cold and dry winter season. We recommend you give Healthy Mix Foundation by Bourjois a try. We love how it is enriched with a perfect blend of vitamins C, E, and, B5.  Since we are talking about foundations, avoid harshly rubbing it with your beauty blender. Instead, press it gently into your skin. This should always be your rule, especially during the cooler days. The cream over powder rule doesn’t just apply to the foundation, but also to any other makeup product you use this season.


Use an all-water-proof makeup


It’s always better to wear waterproof makeup during winter. Any weather forecast expert will tell you the same. Who likes having a smudged mascara or eyeliner? That is never pretty.


Keep it wintery


It’s finally winter. Just like you make wardrobe tweaks during winter, you need to do the same for your makeup. This is your chance to wear all the elegant and sophisticated shades. Swap your pink and coral lipstick shades with some darker and deeper ones. If your complexion tends to look extra pale during winter, apply some blush. When it comes to eyeliner, you can go crazy with this one during winter. Don’t forget that winter is the season to use your matte makeup.


Drink more water


We know that this is not a makeup related tip, but we had to put it out there. It’s winter; your face is getting dry and your lips are probably starting to crack. Drink an extra glass of water and your skin will thank you later.



Ready for winter with



Just like it is not ideal to drink hot chocolate on a boiling hot day, it is also not preferable to use your summer makeup during winter. These are five quick and simple tips to help you get the hang of winter makeup.  These tips are guaranteed to keep your makeup on point this season. Take this time to go through your makeup collection and make the necessary swaps.