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Deslía Pop up Brush Retractable bristles

LE 593.00
 Retractable hair brush Deslia Pop Up Hair brush                                         

Impeccable brush, healthy hair. Now it's as easy as pressing the side buttons of your Deslía Pop up and the bristles will come out, so you can gently untangle your hair. To close it, press the central button and the side buttons and the bristles will stay inside, so you can clean the surface of the brush in an instant. 

Easy, fast, amazing : The brushes we use daily every day get dirty, accumulate dust, oils and remains of the products used to condition the hair (masks) or define the hairstyle (gels, hairsprays). We must also bear in mind that every day we lose between 50 and 100 hairs that usually get stuck to the bristles of our brush.

Keeping it always clean contributes to healthy and beautiful hair.

How does it work?

OPEN: Press the side buttons

CLOSE: Press all buttons at once

 ALWAYS CLEAN BRUSH: The first step to healthy hair.

 PROTECTED BRISTLES: When closed, its bristles remain inside and are not damaged.

 DETANGLES WITHOUT TUGGING: 9 rows of bristles that glide smoothly. Massages the scalp stimulating circulation. Easily detangles dry or wet hair

 READY TO GO: The retractable system reduces its dimensions.

 SUSTAINABLE: Made from recycled plastic. FSC certified cardboard pack.

Deslía Pop up Brush Retractable bristles

LE 593.00