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Skin Active Fast Fairness Face Wash 50 ml

LE 50.00
  • Help accelerate dark cells exfoliation and stimulate fresher Lighter skin to resurface
  • Instant Whitening to fade off brown spot & make it less visible
  • Its formula cleanses and clarifies the skin thoroughly and removes impurities that make the skin dull
  • Gives an instant glow
  • Cleanses skin thoroughly and makes it extremely soft
  • Also works as a great makeup remover

Since 1904, Garnier has been the hair and skin expert. They have been developing innovative hair and skin formulas for many years now, blending active natural ingredients into breakthrough formulas. Their goal with every product is to give you the healthy-looking beauty that connects you to both nature and community. Garnier is committed to sustainable sourcing, reducing the environmental impact of their packaging, improving the biodegradability of their formulas, and supporting vulnerable communities.

Skin Active Fast Fairness Face Wash 50 ml

LE 50.00