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6 Non-Makeup Items to Take in Your Bag Every Single Day

Brands, shades, colors, and sizes! We know for sure that no two girls will have the same products in their makeup bags. Today we want to go beyond and discuss something that goes in your makeup bag and is not makeup related. No, that is not a riddle. These 6 items should be in every girl’s makeup bag. Let us share with you our top 6 non-makeup items to take in your bag every single day.


Mirror mirror on the wall

A mirror is a must when you’re running late and want to do some final makeup touches in the car, freshen up your makeup, or check up on your hairdo. We can never picture ourselves going out without a mirror. It’s a true lifesaver, especially when you’re out for long hours during the day.


Your hairstylist

If only we can take our hairstylists everywhere we go. Your second-best option here is a Tangle Teezer brush. Unlike regular brushes, this one doesn’t just comb your hair, it styles it. An English brush, designed to meet the needs of the modern woman. From a meeting to a wedding? No problem. The brush is designed to fit comfortably in your bag.  If you check, you will find sevral Tangle Teezer models to choose from.


Nail file, anyone?

A nail file is a must-have in every girl’s makeup bag. A broken nail situation? No problem.
Our favorite nail file is by the brand Essence, and it’s also our bestseller too.


Makeup remover wipes

You never know when you would want to wipe down your makeup. The Micellar Extra Gentle Cleansing Wipes by Garnier is an excellent choice. It wipes down your makeup easily and gently, which is perfect when you’re out and about.


Leave a nice scent everywhere you go

Leave a nice scent everywhere you go. That’s our motto. One of the brands that we are absolutely in love with is Bodylicious. You can find all their scents on One thing we love about it is that there are scents for every season of the year. A mid-day spray not only leaves you smelling heavenly but also feeling fantastic. If you don’t know which scent to pick, we recommend you start with the vanilla, candy, or the coconut.


Goodbye summer, hello handcream

We’re saying goodbye to summer. If you haven’t been using a hand moisturizer those past months, now is the time to change that habit. It can be embarrassing, having to shake somebody’s hand when yours are extremely dry. We recommend you give the A.H.A Hydrate Hand Cream by Depileve a try. This cream is more than just a quick fix. It slows down any aging signs on your hands and makes them look younger and healthier.


Time to pack your bag

Here you go. 6 non-makeup items to take in your bag every single day. It is time to pack your bag and head confidentially out the door. There is no beauty crisis that you can’t handle.