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Secrets from Beauty Experts on How to Have a Flawless Lipstick Look

On July the 29th of every year, the world celebrates Lipstick Day. That’s in appreciation of its vital role in every woman’s life. Lipsticks don’t just draw attention to your lips, they say a lot about your personality. That is why you should choose and apply your lipsticks carefully. In this article, we give you 7 secrets from beauty experts on how to dress your lips and get that flawless look.


Secret 1: Choose original brands

A cheap look and health issues, that’s what you get when you use products that are not original. Your lips deserve better. Choose brands that have natural ingredients. Don’t let the price be your first factor when it comes to buying lipsticks.


Secret 2: Long Lasting Lipstick

A great lipstick means a long-lasting lipstick. One of the most annoying things when it comes to lipstick is having it fade quickly. Beauty experts recommend you add a layer of lip balm first to keep your lips soft and moist, which will keep the lipstick longer.


Secret 3: Lip liners and lip glosses are not luxury

A lip liner is a very important element in your makeup bag. That’s if you need a long-lasting lipstick color. And did you notice how it makes your lips more attractive once you apply it?

Lip gloss is more than just a shiny layer on your lips. It protects your lips and gives it an attractive glow and a moisturized feel.


Secret 4: Your lip shape says what colors to wear

Not every lipstick color is suitable for every lip shape. That is the 4th secret from beauty experts’ on how to have a flawless lipstick look. If your lips are thin, avoid darker shades that make your lips seem even smaller. If your lips are full, avoid bright and shiny colors to draw attention away from your lips.

The colors also play a huge role in hiding any flaws. If your upper lip is full, use a shiny color on the lower lip and a darker shade (of the same color) on the upper lip. If your lower lip is full, use any color on the lower lip and a lighter color in the middle of your upper lip.

If your lips are uneven, use a lip liner (of the same color as your lipstick) and line your lips.



Secret 5: what color are you wearing today?

Red, green, yellow, what colors are you wearing today? Choose the colors that go well with your clothes to avoid having a mismatched look. If you’re wearing black, you can wear any color with it. If you’re wearing light pink, you can go with dark fuchsia lipstick color.

Secret 6: pay attention to the color of your skin and teeth

Some colors make your yellow teeth pop. Red makes your teeth look whiter while orange makes them look worse. If your skin tone is white, peachy colors are perfect for you. If your skin is darker, beige and all its shades are for you.


Secret 7: suitable for the time and place

A party, university, or work, each place has its makeup dos and don’ts. Put in mind where you’re going and wear what’s appropriate.

Now that you know all beauty experts’ secrets to an eye-catching lipstick, browse, press shop, then choose lipsticks. Enjoy browsing through a big collection of original lipsticks, with different price ranges. Dare to play with colors with Cosmare?