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7 Tips to Get Glowing Skin and Hair in Ramadan and During Quarantine

Ramadan doesn’t start until you hear someone asking ‘How to do I protect my skin during fasting? Is there a way to get rid of the hair dryness?’ The only difference this year would be the sentence ‘During Quarantine’. With a global pandemic like Covid-19 happening, it can be really hard to think positively and feel motivated. How can you beat those negative feelings? And have the motivation to take care of your skin and hair. That is the challenge. In this article, we will share with you 7 tips to get glowing skin and hair in Ramadan and during the quarantine.



  • Stop worrying

In days like these, you might catch yourself feeling worried or anxious, and that’s normal. But you have to know that these feelings affect your skin drastically, making it look dull and dry. It reflects on your hair too.

If you want to get a shiny skin and healthy hair, start charging your positive energy and adding moments of happiness and fun to your life and that of your family’s. This is the first and most important of the 7 tips to get glowing skin and hair in Ramadan and during the quarantine.


  • Stick to healthy eating and sleeping habits

You wake up at 7 AM, get a workout in, eat a light breakfast,…

This might be your schedule on regular days. However, things are different in Ramadan. Your bedtimes change, your eating schedule is different, the amount of food you consume, and its variety are not the same. To protect your skin and hair during Ramadan, It’s important that you get enough sleep, drink enough amounts of water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and avoid foods with high levels of fat and sugar.



  • Learn how to wash your hair the right way


Are you aware of the right way to wash your hair? It all starts with choosing the right shampoo, not washing your hair more than 3 times every week, and avoiding hot water when washing it. This is how you keep your hair healthy during Ramadan.


  • Don’t forget the hair mask in Ramadan

This year, Ramadan is starting with Summer. During these hot months, your hair is more likely to get dry. Dry hair requires extra attention to keep it healthy and glowing. One of the main steps that you can do is to use a hair mask at least once a week. You have to make sure that the mask is original and that it comes from a well-known brand to avoid any damage.


  • Stick to your skincare routine during Ramadan

Don’t give up on your daily skincare routine because you don’t have enough time. Your skin deserves a few minutes of care every day. This is especially important now that Ramadan is happening during Quarantine, with no gatherings or outings. Make sure to use a face wash, moisturizer, and massage your skin for a few minutes every day. Use a scrub once a week for even better results.


  • Avoid direct sunlight during Ramadan

Avoid going out in direct sunlight during Ramadan. If you have to go out, use sunscreen. Don’t forget that hot water increases the dryness and irritation of the skin. Keeping your skin healthy during Ramadan is not impossible; A little care equals to healthy and glowing skin.


  • Visit now

Our last tip to you is to visit and learn about the hundreds of products that can help you get glowing skin and hair. Order original products for your skin and hair from international brands. Stay safe at home and be sure that all the products are sanitized by our team and will be delivered safely to your door.



Now that you know our top 7 tips to get glowing skin and hair in Ramadan and during Quarantine, are you ready to welcome Eid with good skin and hair?