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Your guide to protecting makeup and tools from viruses.

Can you believe that beauty tools and makeup products can very much transmit viruses, and not just the COVID 19? Did you know that, if not taken care of properly, lipsticks and lip balms can cause herpes? And that mascara can cause eye allergy? Because your health and beauty always come first, we will teach you how to protect your makeup and tools from viruses.


Do viruses live on beauty tools and makeup products?


The world is filled with viruses, that is for sure. Up until the COVID 19 outbreak, we didn’t care about viruses or understood what those tiny creatures are capable of.


Viruses need a host to grow and reproduce. They live on surfaces from hours to days, and that’s the problem. Viruses can move from one person to another through touching a contaminated surface.


Beauty tools and makeup products, like any surface, can be a way for viruses to transmit. That’s why they require your constant attention.


Protect your beauty tools from viruses


- Make sure you clean your makeup brushes daily. Use a clean piece of cloth to rub the brush. Spray a few drops of alcohol, and let it dry.


- It's important to deep clean your brushes once a week. Put the brush under running lukewarm water, wash it using any baby shampoo, then wash it again using lukewarm water. Leave it to dry on a piece of clean cloth for a few hours.


-  Sponges make a great environment for viruses to grow. That’s why it is better to go for the single-use sponges. However, if you prefer the regular sponge, you have to wash it with baby shampoo, as you do with face brushes after every use.


- Use alcohol to clean all the makeup packages and bottles.


- Clean your makeup bag from the outside and inside using alcohol as well.


These simple steps can help you avoid a lot of future problems and protect your tools from viruses.


Important tips when applying makeup to avoid viruses


-       Wash your face properly before applying makeup to avoid any viruses moving to your tools

-       Disinfect the surface you will use to lay down your tools

-       Don’t share your products with anyone, even if it is your sister or best friend

-       Using makeup samples at shops is completely unacceptable

-       Don’t forget to wash and disinfect your hands before applying makeup

- Do your own makeup, instead of asking someone.

- Make sure to cover your products well and not get it exposed to air to avoid any viruses getting stuck.

- Make sure you don’t use any product past its expiration date. You can learn about the expiration date of your beauty products here



Don’t give up on your beauty because of viruses


Fear can cause a lot of changes in our daily habits. However, it will never change how we feel about beauty. Don’t settle for less or give up on your beauty. These tips will help protect your makeup and tools from viruses. Do you follow these precautions on a daily basis? Or do you do more? Which one are you?