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Egypt's Top 10 Makeup Artists

The Wedding Of Your Dreams


Let’s set the scene… Your wedding day is in a month. You’ve perfected every minute detail: the flowers, the centerpiece, the dress, the seating arrangements, the music, and the thousands of details that go into each and every one of them. You’re almost ready to have a spectacular wedding, but you haven’t booked a makeup artist yet. 

Even though you’ve been preparing for this moment since you were a little girl, and you know exactly what you want your wedding to look like, you haven’t fully decided which makeup artist to go with due to the staggering amount of talented artists we have in Egypt nowadays.

We’re here to help with that decision. We’ve gathered the top 10 makeup artists, and their general styles and areas of expertise to help you choose the perfect artist for you!


  1. Dina Ragheb

Credit: @dinaragheb

Dina’s unique style gives you a natural, flawless look using her colorful palettes to perfectly complement your skin tone.

  1. Aya Abdelhamid

Credit: @ayaabdelhamid

Aya is no stranger to the MUA scene. Her father was an extremely talented and successful makeup artist and he’s taught her everything he knows. Aya has been working since an extremely young age, and she is an expert when it comes to beautiful celebrity and bridal looks, and she’s also more than capable of more artistic styles!

  1. Nada Alshanti

Credit: @maquillagebynada

Nada is known for her bold makeup looks. Her colorful style and courage to go beyond the traditional guarantee that she will give you a dazzling look that’s sure to turn heads!

  1. Zeina Alnaggar

Credit: @zeinaelnaggar

Zeina is a self-taught MUA and beauty advisor who has worked with some of Egypt’s biggest celebrities! If you want to feel like a diva on your wedding night, Zeina is guaranteed to meet, and even surpass, your expectations.

  1. Shariff Tanyous

Credit: @sharifftanyous

Shariff is extremely talented and his looks give the skin a smooth, flawless finish. He has an uncanny ability to apply highlighter perfectly to make your skin look like it’s glowing from within!

  1. Magy Mourad

Credit: @magy_mourad_makeup_artist

Magy is an expert when it comes to flawless bridal and celebrity makeup. She brings her own unique style which begins with the perfect foundation and ends with you looking fabulous!

  1. Dina Dimitry

Credit: @dina.dimitry

Dina’s Instagram bio reads: “Every makeup is a piece of art”, and that is exactly what we would say about her work. Dina prides herself in fearlessly veering off the beaten path with her artistic work, and she’s the perfect artist for you if you’re looking for someone who will take the time to accentuate your natural beauty.

  1. Sally Rashid

Credit: @sallyrashid_

Sally is a MUA and instructor who’s been creating beautiful makeup art for years. Her popularity has soared so much that she now operates a full-on Sahel branch with her own professionally trained team.

  1. Dina ElKashef

Credit: @dinaelkasheff

Dina has worked with countless celebrities including Youssra El Lozy, Hend Sabri, Basma Wahba, and Rasha Ben Mouaia! Her work speaks for itself with its uniqueness, simplicity, and timeless style.

  1. Kiki Beauté Boutique

Credit: @kikibeautique

Kiki is an internationally acclaimed celebrity & bridal makeup artist whose style is perfect for those looking for a glamorous look which isn’t overdone. He’s also not afraid to experiment with wild color combinations and new looks, and we love a lot of those artistic looks he’s created. He recently gained even more popularity after his fantastic work with Passant Shawky, having created the wedding look everyone’s raving about!

One last thing, we’re always on the lookout for new, talented makeup artists to share with our customers. If you’ve had a wonderful experience with an artist who’s not on this list, message us with their name on Instagram!