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Your wedding in a month? 7 important tips to be the prettiest bride.

Time passes quickly. You only have 30 days left.

The goal at this point is to get rid of the exhausted look and get back your glow. You want to use every minute to take care of yourself.

How do you take care of yourself one month before the wedding? Where do you start? What are the areas that need more attention? In this article, you will learn 7 important tips to be the prettiest bride.


To be the prettiest bride, eat, play, sleep, repeat!


You have lots of tasks and responsibilities to handle before the wedding, which means less sleep and more unhealthy food! Do you think this lifestyle will help get you your dream wedding day look?

One month before the wedding is a great time to follow a healthy program.

Eat a wholesome breakfast that gives you the energy to start your day.

Stay away from delivery! Your lunch should have a lot of fresh vegetables, protein, and less carbohydrates.

Eat a very light dinner and drink something to help you sleep.

Drink lots of water and stay away from tea and coffee.

Sleep for no less than 7 hours every day. This will help with your mood, energy, and stress.

A little bit of exercising goes a long way! 15 minutes every day will help you maintain a healthy weight and give you positive energy to start the day.

Finally, make your one month before the wedding routine all about healthy eating, exercising, and deep sleep. Following this plan will guarantee that you look flawless on your wedding day.  


To be the prettiest bride, your skin comes first!

How do you take care of your skin a month before the wedding?

Full skin cleansing is the first step to getting a glowing skin on your wedding day. Start now, clean your skin day and night with a gentle cleanser.

Make sure you use a sunblock every time you go out to protect your skin.

Scrubbing is the secret to healthy skin.

Scrubbing is very beneficial to your skin. It helps renew the cells, deep clean the pores,  and prevent dark spots. It makes your skin softer. Use scrub twice every week.

You can’t skip the daily moisturizer! Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles, acne, and more skin problems.

No matter your skin type or problem, there is always a suitable mask for it.

You can use face masks twice or three times a week for flawless skin.

It’s preferable to remove extra hair on your face two or three days before the wedding. This will help you avoid any swelling on your wedding day.

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important tips to be the prettiest bride.

To be the prettiest bride, choose a time and method to remove extra hair!

Removing extra body hair is very important for every bride. When should you do it? And how?

 Stop removing body hair at least one month before your wedding day, to make the process faster and easier.

You only have 3 days left! You can now remove your body hair, but make sure you choose a method that keeps your skin smooth and doesn’t promote quick hair growth.






To be the prettiest bride, your hair is your crown!

Veiled or not, your hair should be on top of your list, especially if you’re getting married soon.

Good nutrition is very important for a healthy and glowing hair.

If you want to change your hair color, do it two weeks before your wedding or earlier. You don’t want unpleasant surprises to ruin your wedding day.

Use a suitable shampoo and conditioner twice per week.

Moisturize your hair twice every day using a suitable oil or cream.

To be the prettiest bride, take care of your hands!

Your hands reflect your health and show that you take care of yourself.

Don’t go out without a coat of sunblock.

Use dedicated scrubs and masks for your hands to lighten their color.

Don’t skip the hand cream to keep them soft.

Stop biting your nails.

Keep your nails clean and dry.

Rub your nails every day with an old toothbrush, after soaking them in lukewarm water and lemon mixture.

To be the prettiest bride, your eyes are charming without under eye circles!

The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive. That’s why it requires special care.

Sleep well

Use a cucumber mask under your eyes for 10 minutes every day.

Massage the under eye area with a mixture of almond oil and honey for 5 minutes right before bed.

To be the prettiest bride, choose original products!

You can achieve great results if you apply these tips. You can be the prettiest bride when you use original products that protect your skin, hair, and eyes. Browse and choose among hundreds of products from a wide range of beauty brands. Shop now for hair removal products, skincare products to use before and after hair removal, face masks, moisturizing creams, hair dyes, shampoos, hair masks, and much more. You will receive the products within 2 days! And you will get free delivery if your products are worth 1000 EGP. wishes you lots of love and h