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Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

If the 20-something old look is what you strive for, how come you add a few years to your age every day? Do you look like you’re in your 40s or 50s even when you’re younger?  Did you know that how you wear your makeup has so much to do with this? In this article, you will learn how to play with colors and makeup techniques to avoid mistakes that make you look older.

Tips and tricks for a younger and brighter eye

If you want to look younger, you need to pay special attention to your eyes and the skin around it.

  • Under-eye circles take away from your beauty and add to your age. This is why you shouldn’t give up on wearing concealer and primer. These two products will help get rid of any darkness in this area.
  • Overdoing anything always gives the opposite effect! Don’t overdo the concealer and primer under your eye to avoid getting that pigmented and unnatural look.
  • Avoid wearing mascara and eyeliner on your lower lashes. This very much contradicts with the youthful look that you’re striving for.
  • Go natural with your eyebrows. Don’t overdo them. All you have to do is clean them and add beauty touches using a suitable color.
  • Avoid black eyeliners and brow products. Using lighter colors give you a more natural and younger look.


Foundation is behind every wrong look!

Every time you think you look older than your real age, don’t think twice and look for the foundation. Wearing thick layers of foundation and using shades lighter than your skin tone are two factors that add a lot to your age and make your skin look dull. 


Choose upbeat lipstick colors

If you want to look younger, you have to go for bright and upbeat colors. Don’t use dark shades for your lips because they will make your lips look smaller. This is guaranteed to make you look in your 50s, maybe older.  Don’t forget to apply a lip-gloss of the same color to look fabulous and in your 20s. If you want your lips to look fuller, let the highlighter do the job.




Don’t ignore the blusher

A touch of blusher adds life to your makeup look. Take care! A thick layer of blusher would add a lot of age to you. Wear it softly and enjoy a youthful look.


Makeup, Clothes, and Soul

You may be using all original products, and doing all the needed self-care steps. However, some simple makeup mistakes are enough to take away from your beauty and add to your age. Now that you learned how to play with colors and techniques, don’t forget that makeup is only one part of your look. You have to complement it with a youthful hairdo or hijab wrap, and colorful clothes. It’s also important that you work on the internal before the external; Optimism, hope, and the desire to be successful are what really make you look young in the eyes of others.