Brow Pomade Sale
Brow Pomade

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 165.00 LE 124.00
From Bourjois comes Brow Pomade, a brow pomade crayon to densify and groom eyebrows all day...
Sourcil Précision Eyebrow Pencil Sale
Sourcil Précision Eyebrow Pencil

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 120.00 LE 90.00
Take two steps… to brows that are well-defined and impeccably groomed. From Bourjois comes Sourcil Précision...
Brow Reveal Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 150.00
- Automatic Brow Pencil - Bevelled tip - Super easy and intuitive to use with the...