Brow Palette

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 214.00
Frame your fabulous eye looks with sculpted brows! Bourjois brings you Brow Palette, a complete 3-step...
Bourjois 123 Perfect Stackable Concealer

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 202.00
Expertly contour your complexion with the Bourjois 123 Perfect Stackable Concealer, an innovative 3-part pen that...
Khol & Contour Eyeliner

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 96.00
Khôl & Contour is the essential 2-in-1 khôl & eyeliner that combines intense colour and extra-long...
Air Mat Powder

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 263.00
With its astonishing long-lasting shine control & ultra-lightweight formula, Air Mat Powder gives you a flawless...
City Radiance Foundation

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 279.00
To protect your skin and get a natural, luminous and fresh make-up finish, say hello to...
Radiance Reveal Concealer

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 200.00
Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer corrects, illuminates and hydrates. This light-enhancing concealer hides dark circles and imperfections...
Brow Pomade

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 165.00
From Bourjois comes Brow Pomade, a brow pomade crayon to densify and groom eyebrows all day...
Delice de Poudre Bronzing & Highlighting Powder Palette

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 365.00
Reveal your inner sun goddess with Bourjois Délice de Poudre Highlighting Palette. This luxurious gold highlighting...
Little Round Pot Eyeshadow

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 173.00
Here's the eye-conic shadow from Bourjois! Little Round Pot has the softness and coverage of a...
Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara - Noir Max

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 225.00
Take your lashes to the max!  Volume Glamour Max Definition mascara gives you max volume, thanks...
Sculpt Light Highlighter

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 262.00
This is strobing, Parisian style! Bourjois Sculpt Light Strobing Highlighter is a pearly highlighter that illuminates...
Brow Fiber Oh Oui! Eyebrow Mascara

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 173.00
 It's An Eyebrow Mascara With Fiber To Create Intense Yet Natural-Looking Brows  The Mistake-Proof Formula Wears...
Sourcil Précision Eyebrow Pencil

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 120.00
Take two steps… to brows that are well-defined and impeccably groomed. From Bourjois comes Sourcil Précision...
Brow Design Brow Gel

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 173.00
Do your brows require a bit of… discipline?  New Brow Design brow gel from Bourjois conditions,...
Le Petit Strober Highlighter

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 213.00
FEATURES & BENEFITS  Universal shade for all complexions Provides a natural glow Allows to highlight features...
Liner Clubbing Eyeliner

Vendor: Bourjois
LE 285.00
Bourjois Liner Clubbing Ultra Black is an ultra-resistant liquid eyeliner enhanced by black mineral pigments for...