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Always Fabulous Concealer

LE 590.00
How to use

1. Apply by drawing a triangle with the base under your eye and noted the cheek and mix gently with the tip of your fingers.

2. Unify your complexion with the make-up base long-lasting moisturizing Always Fabulous Moisturizing Foundation for up to 24 hours with a finish that is semi-matte.


How to be fabulous during 24h? It is possible with the ice Always Fabulous of Bourjois.

Always Fabulous Concealer, concealer liquid Bourjois, that protects the skin and conceals all types of blemishes instantly with a formula of high coverage and anti transfer. It is characterized as a corrector of high duration ( duration of up to 24 hours ) sweat-proof and moisture. A concealer that stands up to the challenges of everyday life, it covers imperfections and is good for the skin. Formula-resistant for long-lasting, with hyaluronic acid that provides hydration to the skin throughout the day, SPF 20 and vitamin E.

Always Fabulous Concealer

LE 590.00