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Tangle Teezer

Naturally Curly hairbrush-Purple Passion

LE 525.00
•   Stronger but kind to hair teeth created especially for curly and coily hair.
•   84% of people with 3C-4C hair types would recommend this hairbrush to a friend.
•   Removes knots and tangles gently yet easily - 73% of you said it reduced detangling time by half!
•   Make wash day a breeze, this hairbrush is perfect to use in shower to evenly drawthrough shampoo, conditioning treatments and masks.
•   You can also use after washing to gently detangle whilst still reducing breakage, removing shed hairs and maintaining your curl pattern.
•   Slim, curved handle gives you full control and makes sure this hairbrush slips into your hair care routine - but not out of your hands!

Tangle Teezer was founded by Shaun Ps in 2007, after many years of hard work. In the first year alone, the company sold 35,000 brushes. Tangle Teezer began exporting brushes worldwide. The company just didn’t stop at one hairbrush, over the years Shaun invented more hairbrushes: The Compact Styler, Children’s detangling Brush, Salon Elite detangling brush, and Aqua Splash. They also won many awards in the process.

Naturally Curly hairbrush-Purple Passion

LE 525.00